April 2, 2018
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Galvanized Steel Grid Plate introduction

ADK ENGINEERING CO.,LIMITED provided a lot of galvanized steel grid plate to end user on 30th March 2018.

Also named steel grating mesh,galvanized steel grating,galvanized mesh panel or hot dip galvanized grid plate.

Application of galvanized steel grid plates:

Shipbuilding industry,harbor industry

Electric power plant,petroleum industry

Metallurgy industry,machinery industry

Oceanographic engineering industry

Building industry,cement plant,etc.


High strength and Light weight

Great load-bearing capacity

Ventilation and light admission

Anti-slip ,Safety and Durability

Easy cleaning and Installation

Welcome all clients purchase galvanized steel grid plates from ADK ENGINEERING CO.,LIMITED.

All products from ADK ENGINEERING could accept the third party inspection before shipment.