We could provide JZD series automatic take power system for RTG cable reel for ZPMC spare parts project.


Tyred container gantry crane (RTG) is the main equipment of the port container yard, but also led a key factor in the efficiency of container terminal operations and the economic benefits, with the deepening of the gradual rise in oil prices and energy saving initiatives,the electric RTG application is replacing diesel power generation.

Mains RTG power supply there are three main forms:

(1) Cable reel

(2) Low frame slide-conduct line

(3) High frame slide-conduct line

There are already hundreds of electric RTG power supply cable reel to run at each pier, which has a supply of high quality on site and low by the user’s definitely, but in the RTG transfer operation,currently requires the artificial plug, my company according to market needs,has development the series JZD RTG cable reel auto-take-power device to fill the industry blank, e-RTG has an addition optional program of take-power method.


1.The electricity cable transmission is the most reliable way of all transmission system, it can get rid of all the drawbacks of contact take- power method, as all-weather power supply.

2.Cable reel auto-take-power method realization, to reslove the artificial plug unsafe, improve work efficiency and saving labor costs, to create the conditions for the terminal automation management.

3.The system operation to implement a PLC control, with the man-machine interface, one-button operation, simple and reliable.

4.All-electric operation,low failure rate,easy maintenance;with overload,over-limit, self-positioning correction function,able to adapt to a variety of conditions to take power, power-down operation, a high degree of intelligence.

III.Main technical parameters

1.The allowable deviation range of automatic-take(leave)-power:

A Horizontal distance deviation is 200mm.

B, The height deviation of 100mm.

C, Angle range of deviation is 5 degrees.

2.One time to take(leave) power operation is 4 min.

3.The operating power supply: 220VAC.

4.Protection: IP55.

5.The insulation level: 3000V/1min no breakdown, no flashover.

IV.The main function introduce

1.Use IFM high-precision laser positioning and the detection of the TURCK close switch can dynamically adjust the location of the robot action.

2.Use the form of steel mesh cover and buffer spring to

connect the cable and terrestrial fixed, with traction buffer

protection function.

3.Use surround finger type contactor,reliable and flexible contact with good conductive ability.

4.The cab with the video-assisted,one-button operation is very simple.

V.Transition power supply options According to user needs,the other can be configured auxiliary power transitions,can reduce diesel engine starts or cancel diesel engine,improve operating efficiency.

Transition(I):Battery replacement diesel engine,can reduce power consumption,thereby achieving the RTG operation, zero emissions in the transition;

Transition(II):vehicle generator sets,it accesses RTG to random transitions for power supply.