We could provide Brake Type HPS for harbor and port machinery project which is ZPMC spare parts.

Brake Type: HPS

Disc Diameter(mm):1600

Disc Thickness(mm):76

Friction Coefficient:0.36

Size:LWH (mm):19764401940


Operating Condition:

1.Ambient temperature:-20~+50℃;

2.Relative humidity:≤90%;

Special requirements can be discussed in order.


Used for braking of oil driller, work-over rig, drifting machine winch. Conform to the SY/T6727-2008 oil driller hydraulic disc brake standard.

Main Feature:

1.Interlocking shoes clearance balancing device and shoe auto-aligning device (patented technology), constantly equalize the clearance of brake shoes on both sides and no need to adjust, thus completely avid one side of brake lining sticking to brake disc.

2.The gap between the brake disc and the friction lining is easy to adjust.

3.The friction lining wear automatic compensation function of working brake prevents braking accident caused by the friction lining wear, the larger the gap between the brake disc and friction pad, brake response time longer.

4.Self-lubricating bearings are equipped at main hinge points, which bring high efficiency of transmission, long performance life and unnecessary to specifically add lubricant during the course of operation.

5.Brake linings are plug-in style which are easy to replace. Brake linings of various material such as power metallurgy and semi-metals (non-asbestos), which are available for customers to choose.