We could provide CBCS cable belt conveying system for port machinery project which is ZPMC spare parts.

Following the increasing speed of cranes download and upload,origin towing and towline cannot be satisfied the working condition,CBCS cable conveying system which is designed by ZPMC is a good replace to satisfied the more and more quick speed working conditions.

CBCS (Cable Belt Conveying System) has some characteristics below:

1.CBCS needs not to configure power,it can move following the trolley synchronous,the max speed can up to 350m/min it runs stability and smoothly.it is resolved the impact in old system,and accessional power,and also is resolved low speed problem in plastic towline system,occasional the hump up or purler problem happens.

2.A slip-trolley supporting belt,is rigidity state,can adapt any wind, vibrate,frequency Reversing working condition,safety and reliable.It also resolved cable winding problem in old towing system.And very many link in plastic towline,with complex maintenance and high cost.

3.CBCS is very simple structure,little link,easy to adjusting,almost of parts is made of stainless steel,their service life is similar as main machine.

The CBCS has two forms:One for QCC,and the other for RMG&RTG.The working principle of them is also Approximate,and both is driven by main machine.

Below requirement for selection:A.Working condition & application:Temperature range is -40~50,relative humidity less than 95%, Max operating wind speed 8 grade(Beaufort class),Max suffering wind speed is 12 grade(Beaufort class);B.Running max travel;C.Cable’s parameters, such as:cable diameter, cable max bend radius, quantity and quality,It is important that the cable must be towline cable and the skin’s material must be rubber plastic,the max outside.diameter less than 36mm.

2.method of selection:

A.First decide the form of CBCS:In general,

QCC use form,and RTG & RMG use form.

Decide CBCS’s belt according to cable outside.

diameter and number,the belt has two forms:220mm width and 300mm width.