We could provide various kinds of standard and non-standard transformers of large,medium and small-scale.


1. Transformer

  1. JBK5 group control transformer
  2. DDG group single-phase pillared transformer
  3. SG group threefold-phase pillared transformer
  4. ZSG group threefold-phase pillared rectification transformer
  5. ZSGK group sixfold-phase pillared rectification transformer
  6. QZB1 group auto-coincidence jump-start transformer
  7. ED group single-phase transformer
  8. BJZ illuminating transformer
  9. BKZ silicon transformer
  10. BZ group auto-coincidence transformer
  11. MZD group trig electrical magnet winding
  12. SO transfer the temperature and speed transformer


  1. DLK filter reactor
  2. LK single-phase import reactor
  3. SLK threefold-phase import reactor
  4. SJK threefold-phase import reactor
  5. Balance reactor

Notice for Purchase:

A:Product type

B:Rating capacity

C:Voltage for import and output,capacity distribute.


E:Connection group number

F:The number of order for goods and the date for consignment.