We could provide cable towing trolly for harbor and port machinery project which is ZPMC spare parts.


DLC cable towing trolly,ZPMC spare parts


DLC series cable towing trolley is use at workplace as :ambient temperature at range of -30℃~+50℃,relative humility less than 95% maximum operation wind speed 8 class,maximimum carrying wind speed is up to 12 class.

The walking wheel,side horizontal wheel reverse rolling wheel are made of polyurethane with flexibility and little noise,their normal life can be 20000.

Rubber dampers are intall on front and behind end,for absorbing impact energy,and also with tearproof performance,long service life.

Standard parts are made by stainless steel or galvanized.

Special design of all wheels with water proof bearings,and are all self lubricant bearings,easy to maintenance.

Series DLC50 towing trolley suit for high speed and heavy loading working condition.

A towing trolley system is composed of below:

★one piece of end clamp,X pieces of cable trolleys,one piece of towing clamp.

★One piece active towing trolley,active towing trolley only append when cable trolley’s quantity more than 10 pieces.the active towing trolley need a power to run,it is installed on middle of all cable trolleys.

★All towing trolleys run on one railway,all cable are align on nek surface.

★All trolleys must run on correct railway(20#&25# H beams)

Structure and sign:

DLC series towing trolley have several type,below for selection:

Sign exmpale:DLC(A)(B)(C)(D)

DLC,code for towing trolley

★A is 40,express as nek surface is 300 width.

★A is 50,express as nek surface is 530 width.

★B is 100,express as cable trolley.

★B is 200,express as towing clamp.

★B is 300,express as end clamp.

★B is 400,express as active cable trolley.

★C is A,expresss as use 20# H steel.

★C is B,express as use 25# H steel.

★D is XL,express as rigidity drive of ship-unloader

★D is XL,express as flexibility drive of festoon system.

★D is S,express as double layers of festoon system.

DLC 40 100A X,express as with 330width nek surface,cable trolley,fit for 20# H steel railway,appliance for rigidity drive of ship-unloader.

Installation & maintenance:

Notice of installation and maintenance:

1.To welding connection of railway,the even tolerance less than 0.2mm,otherwise the connection must be burnished to match requirement.

2.Cleaning railway surface is maintenance will prevent walking wheel from damage by dreg on railway.

3.After installing the towing trolleys on railway,all rubber sampers must be in one line,their tolerance must be less than 5mm,special to rubber dampers of towing trolley,active towing trolley and end clamp.

4.After installing the towing trolleys on railway,check the tough surface of the two walking wheel to railway,their must not any ray pass through.Check the size horizontal wheel space according to”dimension size”.

5.In testing and running,check all span spaces that the cable must be neither any knonor any twist,and the wteel wire or strap has not any break.

6.Check and re-tighten fastener every 6 month.

Ordering notice:

Please provide cable specification and cable arrangement figure in ordering.For other special cable towing trolleys.such as double layers cable,etc.,please link us.