We could provide DZD-2 series automatic telescopes arm for RTG conductor lines for ZPMC port machinery project.

DZD-2 series automatic telescopes arm for RTG conductor lines,ZPMC spare parts

Main features.

1.Small volume,light weight,only 1/2 weight of the similar product,greatly reducing the hanging weight,make the safe and reliable operation.

2.The four connecting rod structure,all electric control,simple structure.

3.PLC control,human-machine interface,easy operation.

4.To adapt to the climate condition,less maintenance.

Automatic telescopic arm technical parameters:

  1. Rated votage 460V、690V、960V
  2. Rated current ≤450A
  3. Rated speed ≤±150m/min
  4. Rated distance 0-1200mm
  5. Horizontal expansion and contraction quantity ≤±400mm
  6. Vertical expansion and contraction quantity ≤±150mm
  7. Deflection compensation ≤±5°
  8. Outline dimension:WxDxH 748mm x 640mm x 771mm
  9. Weight 70kg

Bus bar frame advantage:

1.Because of telescopic arm light, can make the bus bar frame light, save the cost;

2.Add the rain cover on the bus bar frame, improve.Insulation performance, at the same time,Can be used for RTG correction induction plate;