We could provide YWW Electro-Hydraulic Drum Brakes for harbor and port machinery project which is ZPMC spare parts.

Type:YWW Series Electro-Hydraulic Drum Brakes

Max. Drum Diameter(mm):500

Max. Brake Torque (Nm):4000

Operating Condition:

Ambient temperature: -25°C~+50°C ;

Relative humidity: ≤90%;

Voltages: 380~400V 50Hz, 440~460V 60Hz

Operating duty: intermittent (S3-60%.1200times per hour)and continuous (S1).

Mounting:horizontal mounting.

Special requirements can be discussed in order.


The YWW series Electro-hydraulic brake is horizontally mounted brake, it is mainly used for deceleration braking of revolving body of gantry crane and stacker crane.The YWW series Electro-hydraulic brake is normally closed brake ,it is mainly used for braking of revolving body in parking location. The technology requirements comply with JB/T6406-2006 standard, and equipped Ed thrusters comply with DIN15430 standard.

Main Feature:

■Interlocking shoes balancing devices (patented technology) constantly equalizes the clearance of brake shoes.shoes on both sides and make adjustment unnecessary, thus avoiding one side of the brake lining sticking to the brake wheel.

The brake is equipped with a shoes auto-aligning device.

■Main hinge points are equipped with self-lubricating bearing ,making high efficience of transmission ,long ser vice life. Lubricating is unnecessary during operation.

■Adjustable bracket ensure the brake works well.

■The brake spring is arranged inside a square tube and a surveyor’s rod is placed on one side. It is easy to read braking toque value and avoid measuring and computing.

■Brake lining is of card whole-piece shaping structure ,easy to replace. Brake linings of various materials such as half-metal (non-asbestos)hard and half-hard, soft (non-asbestos),substance are available for customers to choose.

■All adopt the company’s new types of thruster as corollary equipment which work accurately and have long life.