We could provide FLM coupling for harbor facilities and port machinery project which is ZPMC spare parts.

FLM Type Elastic Roller Coupling

Installation Manual





The main characteristic of FLM coupling is compact configuration, less parts, easy to installing, small size, working stably, and lubricant free. it also is with axial, radial, and angle compensation. the elastic element is mainly made of polyurethane , it not only has high performance elastic and wearable, and impact resistance and oil proof.

FLM coupling works at these place: start frequency, rotatory reverse and positive, medium speed, medium torque and high stable. the element’s working temperature is -35ā„ƒ~+80ā„ƒ.

FLM coupling is must not install at hermetic place. the working place has to have enough thermoplastic to make elastic element normally, too high temperature will damage the elastic element.


After one week work, the coupling need inspected as following:

If any bolt is loose or fall.

If the elastic element is worn clearly.

If there is any noise or vibrate, the alignment must redo as above steps.

Inspect coupling every 3 months after the first inspection, the elastic element must be replaced if the diameter of element is worn up 4~5 mm.

the elastic element is wearing part, and its working temperature is -35OC~+80OC. its normal life is 2 years if the coupling works under the normal conditions, and it must be replaced at time.

For the diesel which has connect sleeve, the window covers must to remove away because the coupling’s elastic element need enough thermoplastic.