We could provide HW coupling for harbor facilities and port machinery project which is ZPMC spare parts.

At present,there are two types of the mobile power supply system of the Qcc trolley which are cable festoon and cable towline as follow:

1.Cable festoon,its’ main problems are as follow:

A.Festoon trolley wheel is easy to fall in the high-speed operation,and its bearing is also easy stuck;

B.Due to wind load and other reasons,easily lead to the cable hook,if non-scheduled maintenance,it will cause the risk of falling objects;

C.It needs lots of daily maintenance.

2.Cable towline,its’ main problems are as follow:

A.The plastic towline system is consists of many chain units.If one of them damaged,the whole system can not work normally;

B.The plastic towline is easily aging and wear,the using life is only 5-8 years.So the maintaining cost is huge.

C.The bending parts of the plastic towline is easily aging and wear.And it is special not fit for the snow and freezing condition.

The traditional Qcc trolley mobile power supply products can not fit the demandment of high load operation of the modern terminal handling machinery.

In order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the production,it is extremely urgent to design a high reliability type of mobile power supply.

II.HW series Qcc trolley slide conductor line power supply system

Considering the needs of customers,ZPMC develop the Qcc trolley slide conductor line + wireless communication system.It can help to solve the problem of cable festoon system’s cables hooking,falling objects risk,as well as to solve the plastic towline easy to aging,brittle fracture and arch of the roll-over, develop a Qcc trolley slide conductor line + wireless communication system.It is the best solution for a virtually maintenance free and reliable trolley mobile power supply.

Safe and reliable,no falling objects risk;

1.Long working life,the same using life as main machine;

2.Fit for all kinds of weather conditions;

3.Strong ability of resistance to wind loads,snow and ice ;

4.Wireless communication using non-contact data transmission,high reliability,maintenance-free.

III.The structure layout of Qcc trolley slide conductor line system

Conductor line is usually installed at left or right side of trolley in the bottom of the beam,after mounting bracket and beam connections,installing a maintenance platform on trolley,in order to facilitate inspection and maintenance the conductor line;a collector has installed at the bottom of the conductor line,and collector traction by an arm traction from trolley,carbon brushes on the collector to lead three-phase power and control signal into trolley.

Maintenance platform of the conductor line has installed three-phase electric power-on indicator and e-stop operating station,used for inspection and maintenance

IV.HW series Qcc trolley slide conductor line wireless communication system

1.Wireless communication circuit design based on the configuration of the Qcc’s E-control system,adapt the industrial Ethernet access,the electrical room PLC station send signal to wireless transmitter by Ethernet,then signal transferring into the leaky wave cable at front and back beams,the receive antenna on collector of trolley will receive signal,and transferring signal to receiver of trolley,and send signal to trolley PLC,at then finish the communication of e-room to trolley PLC;wireless communication system is the world’s most advanced Siemens industrial Wireless Ethernet technology.

2.The wireless communication system uses 2.4GHz wireless communication frequency,the leaky wave cable technology and directional receiving antenna,to ensure the orientation of transmitter and receiver of the wireless signal,and improved anti-jamming capability.

3.Qcc trolley telephone and video signals connecting into the wireless communication switch by the using of Ethernet,then access to the wireless transmitter and the control signal synchronous emission,on-site practical test wireless bandwidth is 8-10Mbit/s on average,and it can fit the needs of the Quayside contain crane (Qcc) audio and video transmission bandwidth.From cable festoon to towline and then to slide conductor line,it is the inevitable direction of development of Qcc trolley mobile power supply in the future,it overcomes the past(cable festoon, towline),shortcomings,with cost-effective,maintenance-free,long life,etc.It has incomparable advantages,many domestic terminals has been gradually begin to apply slide conductor line + wireless communication system,its good performance has accepted and welcomed by all users.