We could provide JM coupling for harbor facilities and port machinery project which is ZPMC spare parts.

Diaphragm(disc) coupling is a new type coupling to be widely used abroad. It is applied in many imported equipment in our country. JM series diaphragm coupling is a new product.

It can compensate for paralleled as well as angular misalignment between prime mover and driven machine caused by Deformation due to load and temperature vary. Belonging to the flexible coupling with metallic elastic element, JM series diaphragm couplings rely on the metallic diaphragm to connect prime mover and driven machine, and to transmit the torque. It contains some advantages such as flexibly relieving shock, no noise and no lubricating needed. It is good substitute product for gear couplings and other general couplings.

The main characteristics of JM series Diaphragm Coupling:

Obvious dampen shock and no noise, no wearing. High transmitted efficiency and be available to high speed and superpower transfer motion.

Good ability for compensating the misalignment of two axes. The allowing angular displacement is two times as much as the gear couplings. Low reaction pressure and high flexibility as the radial shifting as well as permitting some axial, angular or radial deviation.

Operating safely under -80degree~+300degree and bad condition with shock and vibration.

Simple construction, light weight and small size. Easy assembly and disassemble without moving machine. As well as No maintenance required and lubricating.

Accurate transmitting revolution and no slipping. It can be used on precision machinery.

JM series diaphragm coupling is widely used for transmitting power in various kinds of mechanical equipment such as metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, agricultural machinery, printing machinery, pump, blower fan and machine too, etc.

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