We could provide JS coupling for harbor facilities and port machinery project which is ZPMC spare parts.

JS coupling,ZPMC spare parts

Feature of series JS Steelflex Tapered Grid Coupling

Series JS steelflex Tapered Grid Coupling is a kinds of steelflex coupling with advanced structure,whose torque is transmitted by the gird.Following is the function and advantages of the coupling:

Good vibration damoening capability and long service life.this coupling can join driven machine to prime mover by axially inserting gird into tooth grooves of two hobs.When machine work,the torque,which created from the driving teeth apply the tangertial force to grid.can be transmitted to drive the driven parts.So the reasonance of driving mechanism and driven mechanism can be avoided effetely.And the elastic deformation of the grids during course of the torque transmitted,that can improve vibration dampening ability of the system.Statistical date stating,the average ratio of vibration dampening can reach to 36% or more.

A trapezoidal section grid is made of high strength spring steel,it is heat treated strictly and treated through special process,it has excellent mechanical properties.So the service life of this coupling is much longer than that if non-metallicflex couplings.

A wide range of load,starting safely

The contact surface between hubs and gird is arched shape.When the torque is increasing,the grid will be deformation aloong the arched tooth face,that make the distance of the force point which applied on the grid by two huds closed.the change amount of contact point and the variation of torque depend on the variation of transformation torque.The transformation properties are varying stiffness.So this coupling can bear laeger load varation than common steelflex coupling.

When the compliance started and shock loaded,the performance of damping from the transmission strength force the grids deformed,which can protect all kits,that make work safer.

High efficiency of transmission,high reliability service.

Through testing,the transmission efficiency is as much as 99.47%.short overload capcity is more than 200% rated torque.the machine runs safely and reliably.

Lower noise and good lubricity.

Aluminum alloy cover can avoid the grid be thrown out during operated.Grease filled into the cover assures good lubricity and eliminates the noise.

Simple construction,easy assembly and disassemble.

The complete set made up only a few components,with small size and lightweight.It is extra convenient of meshing of trapezoid section grids and trapezoidal grooves,that makes it easierĀ  than common coupling on assembly,disassemble and maintenance.

Large allowable deviation of assembly.

As the contact between grid and arched tooth is coincident automatically,the coupling can work normally with radial,angular and axial assembly deviation.