We could provide ML coupling for ZPMC harbor and sea port machinery project which is ZPMC spare parts.


1.Coupling with spider series ML is mainly made up of two hubs with crowning gear and spider type elastic components. The spider type elastic component is meshed with the crowning teeth of two hubs and bears radial compression to transmit torque.when relative offset between two axes creating,the component will bear axial compression to effect as automatic compensation.

2.Coupling with elastic spider is mainly used for many working spots,such as: frequent starting, normal and reverse running, high reliability with medium,high speed and medium torque are required, equipped for metallurgy,mining,petroleum,chemical industry,water pump,ventilation etc. Applicable ambient temperature is between -35~80  , nominal torque transmitted is between 25~31500Nm, and permissible speed is 950-15300 rpm.

3. Compare with other types of coupling, the coupling with elastic spider has following properties:

(1) operation is smooth and reliable, good shock buffering capability and insulation.

(2) simply in construction, small radial dimension, lightweight, low moment of inertia and suitable for medium and high speed situation.

(3) Enough compensation capability for axial direction, radial direction and angular direction misalignment.

(4)Elastic component is made from high strength polyurethane , whose virtue is anti-fraction and oil-proof , high load , high load ability, reliability and long service life.

(5)The coupling can be continuously operated normally without lubrication, little maintenance is required.

(6)Coupling of types MLS and MLPK can be separated on construction , the equipment can be unmoved during elastic element, replaced, which can make repairing extra-conveniently.

(7)the brake disk of MLPK and brake wheel of MLL, MLLZ must be install at the driven end shalf.MLLZ coupling will not harm to bolts when it is braking.