We could provide SB Safety Brakes for port machinery and facilities project which is ZPMC spare parts.

Brake Type:SB Series Safety Brakes

Friction coefficient:0.4

Performance Class:10.9

Operating conditions:

Ambient temperature:-25~+50℃;

Relative humidity:<95%;

Special requirements can be discussed in order.


Hydraulic safety(emergency)brakes are high-power braking devices which can be wildly used as emergency safety brake on low speed shafts for the lifting control and pitching mechanism of various large and middle crane、port handling machinery.They are also applied for the same purpose for mine wider,lifter,elevators,belt conveyors,cable cars ,foundry and cable cranes and so on.

Main Feature:

►Normally closed design,safe and reliable;specially-designed disc springs applied.hydraulic driving release(type selection of hydraulic power unit see “Manual for hydraulic power unit”)

►Swift actions optionally equip with release limit and pad wear limit switch, which can realize signal indication and interlocking protection.

►Brake lining is made from non-asbestos hard material,which has high and stable friction performance,and it is insensitive to water,salt and other environmental agents.

►Excellent sealing ensure the brake long service life.

►Convenient of installation and ease of maintenance.