We could provide JD4 slip ring and GZ fiber optic adapter for harbor machinery and port machinery project.


Series JD4 low voltage electrical and optical fiber adapter is a new generation of mobile power products of our company.It can be mainly used for Crane,RMG,RTG,Bucket Wheel Machine,Ship Loader and other kinds of moving machine.It can transport the current,control signal,video signal from the fixed end to the moving end,and can achieve the real-time control and surveillance,passed between the fixed transmission route and spin transport route.

Main advantages:

◆ The added fiber adapter can help to transport the large capacity video signals in real-time,so it can reach the requirement of long-distance control.
◆The special adapter structure can transport the current and signal stability and reliability,and it helps to reduce the fault rate.
◆ The special silver treatment of the slip ring can help to reduce the signal attenuation,so as to maintain high ability of anti-interference.
◆The structure of the whole box is the kind of two-point supporting. So it can fit for the using condition of larger vibration and frequent operation and has high reliability.
◆ The ring assemble can be installed or removed independently, so it is easy for maintenance.
◆ Compact structure,little weight,stainless steel shell help to increase the protect performance.