We could provide WQHL light welding pulley for ZPMC port machinery project which is ZPMC spare parts.

Performance and advantage of series WQHL Light welding pulley:

The design technology of the pulley can reach the requirements of GB/T3811-1983.:first cold machining of the pulley groove,

then weld to the supporting plate and bearing housing.It can widely used for container Quayside Crane,Grab Chip Unloader,RTG,RMG,and so on.

And it has advantages as follows:

1.Compact structure,high ability of anti wearing and pressing

2.Box type structure,high safety,can endure heavy load and short term over load.

3.High precision,run out at groove bottom less than 1/1000 diameter,and run out at groove wall less than 2/1000 diameter.

4.Closed structure,no maintenance,no need to add oil for 5 years(bearing installed before leaving factory).with oil adding hole,little oil add after 5 years can last for another 5 years.

5.Small weight and rotational inertia,fit for frequently run or stop.

Order type of series WQHL light welding pulley:

WQHL – D x  R  A

D:Bottom diameter

R: Radius

A: Angle

The series of WQHL light welding pulley of our company can totally instead the kinds of currently precision casting roller and hot rolling pulley using in crane,ship unloader and so on.

The largest scale is Φ1600mm.