We could provide YP1LZ Series Electro-Hydraulic Disc Brake for port machinery project which is ZPMC spare parts.

Type:YP1LZ Series Electro-Hydraulic Disc Brake

Disc diameter(mm):to your requirements

Disc thickness(mm):20

Friction coefficient:0.4

Additional option

Manual release levers.

  • Release limit switches which can indicate signals such as whether brake is properly released or provide inter locking protection.
  • Lining wear limit switches can automatically indicate alarm signal or provide interlocking protection when wear of brake lining is reaching the limit.


YP1LZ series electro-hydraulic disc brake is a special brake, mainly used for anti-sway device of container crane spreader hoisting mechanism.

Main Feature:

■For two steps braking, the first brake torque is always established, and acted on the disc for absorbing the swaying energy. The secondary braking is for decelerating and stopping braking.

■At the main hinged points are equipped with self-lubricating bearings, lubricating is unnecessary during the course of operation; with higher efficiency of transmission and agile action.

■Limit pads wear self-compensation device, brake torque is kept constant during operation, free of the trouble to adjust regularly.

■Adjustable torque inner spring, the secondary torque is set torque scale .

■Brake lining is of the insert structure,which is easy and quick to replace.Equipped with good power metallurgy lining.

■Our company’s new types of thrusters are adopted, which work acutely and have long life.