We could provide YXZ  Electro-Hydraulic Storm Braking Wedges for port machinery project which is ZPMC spare parts.

Type:YXZ Series Electro-Hydraulic Storm Braking Wedges

Min. Wheel Diameter (mm):440

The Position of Manual Release:Left Lay; Right Lay

Brake Weight(kg):118

Power:380V, 50Hz


Mainly used for storm braking in working state and auxiliary storm braking in nonoperative state for outdoor Large and medium-sized cranes and port handling equipment.

Main Feature:

  • With limited switch and interlocking protection function.
  • All hinge points are fitted with self-lubrication bearings, with high transmission efficiency, agile movement and long service life.
  • With manual release function, and easy to maintain.
  • It adopts Ed thruster as actuator that has excellent performance, reliable sealing and enclosed with high-class protection function, and with spring resetting function avoiding the following situation: the wedge can’t reset in time because the thruster’s un-agile after power went off.
  • The wedge is treated with special technique. It has high friction coefficient and excellent anti-corrosion performance.